Analytics & Reporting

Presentation Goal:
What do you need to know?

  • Intro to reporting in Alma
  • Demo of "Operational Reports"
  • Demo of Alma Analytics capabilities
  • Limitations & Tips: Beware! (Oh My!)

Presentation Caveats

  • I am still learning
    (I have hacked thru current requests)
  • I am not a domain expert in Alma

Analytics vs. Operational Reports

Operational Reports
reporting activity that takes place within in the Alma UI
reporting & querying in Alma Analytics above & beyond day-to-day Alma usage

Operational Report: Lost or Missing Items

screenshot of lost/missing search in Alma

Operational Reports First
Searches as Reports

  • Based on Alma search functionality (typically advanced)
  • Save the search publicly or privately
  • Rerun the search as needed within daily workflows
  • Export records directly from result set
  • Run a Job to export even more data

Analytics: The Good

  • Predominantly GUI driven
  • Data exportable in many formats
  • Highly customizable/flexible
  • Common reporting functionality
    (e.g., aggregation functions)
  • Facilitates sharing across our institution & beyond

Analytics: The Bad

  • Navigation can be awkward
  • Data processing does not always have natural UI idioms
  • Not intuitive on first pass
    (e.g., uses its uncommon terminology)

Analytics: The Ugly

  • Things go wrong
  • Slow like molasses
  • Not scaled for large queries
  • Arbitrary limits on data exports (65K rows)
  • No access controls:
    anyone can modify break shared reports
Alma Analytics Unhelpful Error Screenshot

Analytics: The Just-Is

Important Things to Just Know

  • Uses a third party system
    (i.e., not part of Alma)
  • Distinct UI from the rest of Alma
  • Data set is snapshot from the prior day
    (i.e., not real-time, but close)
  • Requires "Design Analytics" role


a report that you can run, view, edit, break
Subject Areas
roughly correspond to what we would consider to be functional areas
the section of UI you will use to construct a query
("design an analysis")
the section of UI you will use to see a report

Terminology (continued)

a related group of fields within a subject area
(e.g., Bibliographic Details or Loan Date)
Measures or Measurement Fields
a field that you can add to a report that aggregates data
(e.g., counting the number of items associated w/ the query criteria)
Description Fields
a basic data field that you can add to a report
(e.g., MMS ID, Title, Loan Year, Barcode)

Terminology Illustrated

Source: Analytics User Guide
Analytics Terminology

Analytics User Guide

Analytics User Guide
  • Download from Online Help
  • Getting Started
  • Data Dictionary
  • Integration with Alma

Baby Steps

  • Save often
  • Iterate & build incrementally
  • Save often
  • Don't be afraid to start fresh
  • Save often!

Journal Browse Counts by Library

Journal Browse Counts Screenshot


  • Physical and Electronic are different*
  • Physical items require* item records
  • No Results ≠ No Data
    (multiple MMS ID complexity problem)
  • Network Zone data is elsewhere

* sometimes

MMS IDs in Alma

  • Alma UI MARC 001 matches zone ID of the superset:

    Community » Network » Institution

  • Primo MARCXML 001 matches Network Zone ID
  • Alma API MARC 001 matches Institution Zone ID
  • Alma Analytics MMS ID matches Institution Zone ID

MMS IDs In Living Color

Record Source MMS ID MARC 001
Alma UI: Institution Zone Tab 991022016236902122 99111056486960462
Alma UI: Network Zone Tab 9911031841002121 99111056486960462
Alma UI: Community Zone Tab 99111056486960462 99111056486960462
Alma API 991022016236902122 991022016236902122
Alma Analytics 991022016236902122 NA

No Items? No Holdings!?!

Physical Items, Sort Of

Title MMS ID Format
The power to name : locating the limits of subject representation in libraries 9973677933602122 Book
An empirical experiment in comparative management 993167903602122 Microform
Interactive data visualization for the web 9993013763602122 E-Book

9973677933602122; 993167903602122; 9993013763602122

Advanced Questions

  • User Statistical Categories configuration
  • Linking multiple subject areas together
  • Creating a call number report
  • Manipulating results data
  • Modifying the Acquisitions Dashboard

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